This is an IDLE game where your goal is to build an Empire.

In this game you will be harvesting resources, upgrading your buildings,
waging war, and prestiging, Most mechanics in-game are automated.
You won`t need to be active while playing it.

This is a free game, and I will be fixing and maintaining it in the begining
until I feel like the game is ready!


Is this game endless?
Answer: No! you will eventually reach max variable value.

Why is this game free?
Answer: Sometimes I will be making free games as way of increasing my community and fanbase!


  • 5 Resources to be harvested and used.
  • Buildings Upgrades.
  • War idle-mechanics
  • Prestige System
  • Workers upgrades
  • Charming art++
Updated 6 days ago
Published 23 days ago
PlatformsWindows, HTML5
AuthorKadragon Games
GenreRole Playing
Made withConstruct
Tags2D, Casual, Idle, incremental, Pixel Art

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Unzip and Install!


Empire IDLE 68 MB

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Bug: When minimizing the game, it pauses. Just having it in the background behind other applications does not pause the game.

Suggesting: add buy max or buy multiplier for when harvesting people.

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Is it intended that workers does not generate resources while the barracks' interface is up?

And the other way around, the barracks are not fighting when you leave the interface. The progress will be remain and will pick up from there when you open the barracks again.

If entering the barracks, starting a battle, leaving and entering again, the battle button will show as off while actually battling.


Lol I am very happy that you made it this far! Don`t worry all I need is a coffe and I will begin working on these immedieatly thank you for reporting this!


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Buy max consumes all food:

EDIT: not sure if the value is displayed wrong or not but I can buy max people when "Your Food" does not seem to be enough:

have you updated your download? you need to redownload your game....

In case you are playing on a  broser: close it and reopen again.

It appears you are playing an old version of the patch, I have patched 3 times.

You need the new patch and not the old one.

I tried with a new save and it seems to be working. Do you want me to send the old save files?


Not needed hf!

I can't get me a second people to upgrade gold storage

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Fixed 1 people cap BUG! you can get past 1 people cap!

Fixed a bug where food requirement would increase every battle.

Food requirement was removed from the game!

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The concept is nice but I have a couple of gripes. Clicking a couple hundred times in the beginning is simply not fun. I suggest you reduce that to 20-40 clicks and have the buildings' costs rise gradually.  My last gripe is that the clicking button sound can be jarring to hear especially when you are spam clicking.

I understand this game is still in development. I hope you take my and other users' feedback. I like the concept and I hope to see it developed!


I will nerf it...



Wow, that was fast! Thanks for taking feedback. I have replayed it again and I found it a much better experience although I still think you should change the click button sound. 

Also, I found a bug when I upgraded the Harvest building to tier 2. When you click the harvest button, it increments two resources, however it refuses to increment when it will exceed the cap. For example, gold cap is 5 and my gold is 4, and when I try to harvest gold, it refuses because the increment will go over the cap. I suggest you make it so that the resource is maxed out instead whenever that happens. Not that big of a bug but yeah.

Will be looking forward to the development of the game :) Good job!


Hey Zyenapz I wil be patching this right away!


Patched! changed all sound effects! they are more realistic now!

Good job! It sounds much better now!


awesomeee!!! =D

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Clicking 100 times is a garbage way to start a game =/

Oh, then you just get to click another couple hundred times before...I don't know, I stopped playing.


I will nerf it...